July 1, 2011

the return of the mushrooms!

Our soil was inoculated with Mycelial culture to facilitate nutrient and water uptake in the plants. Sometimes when you use this type of culture the fruiting body of the mycelium (mushrooms!) rear their heads. No idea what this variety is.

For more mushroom education go to the website of Paul Stamets, a mushroom expert who claims to have cured his stutter at age 16 by ingesting a massive dose of Psilocybes (magic mushrooms) and then spending the night clinging to the top of a 100-foot redwood during an electrical storm.

Stamets is a leading expert of treatment of contaminated soil with mushrooms. His work is hopeful and hilarious stuff, and you can learn to grow your own.

and, here's his very attractive wife Dusty with some mushroom kits. awesome. http://www.fungiperfecti.com/kits/index.html

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