July 2, 2012

Facing south on Canada Day 2012

I thought they only came out at night...?...

Proof that nocturnal animals are on the same inverted sleep schedule as most Queen West residents.      This picture was taken at 5am, and I hope Raccujo here had a safe rumble off to bed soon after.   Ignore the rabies joke/link.  His demeanor was groggy and unaggressive, and it's not his (her?) fault that I can't stop referencing Steven King this week.  

Plants review tapes, part 1./Gardener goes on vacation

There are a great number of people,  that believe that plants are sentient beings, and that will respond just as positively to pats, sweet talk and tunes as they do to light, water and nutrients.   If you want to shoot straight down that rabbit hole I would suggest visiting this film, The Secret Life of Plants.   I'm not 100 percent sure of what is up with any of this, but let's see what the little vegetable kingdom dudes think of this.. The Magic Garden by the Transcendental Rodeo.  

On a similar note,  this week I will be heading up to R Murray Shafer's land to cook in a solar powered tent for a group of artists building a labyrinth.  You can check out their Asterion Project here.  Schafer is a composer and ecologist who has been producing work about our sonic environment and its relationship to our personal and ecological health since the 60's.  He is best known for his World Soundscape Project , and I would seriously suggest checking his stuff out.      I suspect I am a cool 24 hours from getting my mind fully blown, and it's overdue! Happy July everyone!K