April 8, 2012

The Fundraiser/spend some time in a ground level garden to support one on a rooftop.

We are heading into our third year researching the variables that make a pop-up, for-profit rooftop farm/restaurant relationship possible, and although we have figured out how to create a job during the production season, we can still use your help to support the farm set-up. The funds will also go to development and documentation of low-cost connected irrigation systems, solar fuel experiments, plantings for pollinators, compost and seeds from Urban Harvest.

On April 09 Jamie Kennedy, Victoria Taylor, Parts and Labour Chef Matty Matheson and Rooftop Gardener Katie Mathieu will be hosting a tequila and taco fundraiser in a secret backyard location. The tickets are 50$ a person, and include beer from Bellwoods Brewery, Tequila beverages concocted by Jamie and Victoria, Pork and chicken tacos by Matty, a fire-pit and a sauna made out of a shipping container.

You can contact Katie at kjrmathieu@yahoo.com, or 416-722-6947 to reserve tickets. Thank you for supporting our research!

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