April 15, 2012

I just don't want them to eat you.

Multiple barrier methods to keep the birds from eating the newly planted radish, carrot and lettuce seeds. Plastic crow for intimidation.

In the past few days I have planted Purple Haze and Scarlet Nante carrots, French Breakfast, Easter Egg and Watermelon radishes, and Red Deer Tongue and Frisee lettuce. Hopefully (likely!) in 4-6 weeks there will be rooftop salads in the restaurant downstairs. Because lettuce seeds are usually scratched and patted into the soil surface instead of planted (they like to germinate in light, and at temperatures in between 40-75 degrees Fahrenheit), they are most vulnerable to our avian opportunists. Background of lower photo shows multiple bins of hop vines that were established in 2011. The vines are already 1 foot high.

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