May 28, 2012

First big harvest/hops vines pass 12 feet/naps up top reported

The first large, on-contract harvest for Parts and Labour happened on the 23rd of May.  The kitchen received 5 dozen radish, 4 grocery bags full of baby greens, two large bunches of chives and their flowers, a bouquet of lovage the size of a soccer ball (with more up top if they go through it) and two bunches of thyme.  Parts chef Matty has been selling the radishes as an appetizer with whipped salted butter and chive flowers, and the restaurant was sold out of it by mid-evening Saturday.   On Sunday I sent the kitchen an additional 30 french breakfast radishes to keep the opening weekend garden menu consistent, and those spicy jerks (the radishes) were almost too big to hang out in the soil another week anyway (win win!).  Super pleased to see the 6 nasturtiums in buckets are chubby enough to handle giving up 40 leaves for the vegetarian night at Charlie's Burgers.  Yeah!

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