June 5, 2012

Profit in thee margins

Turns out you can make side money off plants that blow in on the wind.  
The  edible"weeds," that have volunteered in the bins appeal to chefs because they are both uncommon and highly flavorful, and they usually have nutritional qualities above and beyond cultivated varieties of greens.    
 From top to bottom you see lambs quarters, the stalk of a watermelon radish that couldn't hack the heat blitz last week, decided to skip the delicious bulb production part of its reproductive cycle  and, "bolt," up into this stalk that supports the flowering part of the plant;  It tasted like a radish and a rapini had a tender baby.  The pink purple flowers are the actual radish flowers, and the pale cream flowers at bottom are arugula flowers.  All of these blooms taste like their parents, with the added bonus of making you feel like a freaking millionaire for having eaten such an ethereal portion of a plant.  Best jams! 

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