May 18, 2012

Dear identity thieves, get bent.

 I always have piles of bills, and since it is always recommended that one obliterates these things,  lest some no-goodnik finds it in the trash and uses the information within to steal my identity, I have decided to incorporate the paper into my gardening routine.

The bucket you see is an eighteen liter pail that I had crammed with bills and bank statements and random junk from the government.  I soak the entire mess in water until it becomes an unrecognizable pulp and then throw it into the compost pile where it will become a source of carbon for the piles digestive process.  The secondary benefit of this slurry is that it adds extra moisture to our unwrapped pile that I don't want to fully dry out - and in the roofs high heat, high wind microclimate that is pretty likely without additional water.

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